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The Spartan Warrior Workout will get you Shredded in 28 Days!

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  • Exercise Video Database

    Video Exercise Database! More videos being added

    No More Guessing about your technique.

    Learn How to do the exercise the Right Way!

  • Kettlebells

    Learn Kettlebell Swings, Cleans and Presses to develop your Athleticism. Kettlebells are one of the best tools for torching off your fat and improving your strength and power!

  • 28 Days

    Yes you can get ripped, just follow our simple plan. Eat right, avoid processed and junk foods and follow our program and you WILL get ripped!

  • Warm ups

    Get your body ready for the workouts with Pre-hab movements to target weak spots and mobility work to open up your hips and upper back

  • Cool-downs

    Recovery is just as important as the workout. Learn how to Re-energize your body after a tough workout!

    Foam Rolling hand guide

    Stretches to keep you limber

  • Tailored to You

    Progressions and Regression to allow you to work at your level

  • Structured Program Design

    Periodized Workouts

    Heavy Day – Strength and Power

    Moderate Day – More volume more exertion,

    Light  Day (Lower Volume / Less Exertion

    Recovery Day insure you minimize over-training and maximize your metabolism for a lean sculpted physique

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